Must Sees in York

As you travel to York and start looking for places to visit, there are some places as well as activities that would be great to put on top of your list. Apart from being main tourist attractions of the place, these locations can give you the experience that is truly unique and memorable as only York can provide. Here are some of them

York’s Magnificent Minister

Located in Ogleforth in York, this is one of the places that would really give you the character of the place. Built in the 13th century with Gothic architecture in mind, the York Minster is notably the largest cathedral in all of Northern Europe. One important thing to remember is that the minster is the seat dedicated to the second-highest office in the Church of England, the Archbishop of York.

One of the things that would stand out as you visit York Minster is the impressive stained glass window magnificently sitting atop a dragon’s head which dates back to 1312. As you visit the place, the Treasury will also give you an interactive gallery of the rich history the building has. The 2,000-years worth of artifacts and display proves to be an invaluable insight of the cathedral’s role as the centuries unfolded.

Castle Howard

As you travel around York, Castle Howard is one of the most historic locations you would ever set foot in. Having thousands of acres that are generously littered with temples, statues, fountains and even lakes. As you step inside, you would be greeted by collections of the Howard family that can bring you 300 years back into history.

York City Walls

This is one of the activities you need to seriously consider as you visit York because the 2-mile stroll along the historic wall is a big part of the character of the place. The wall that has helped protect the city for about 2000 years can be well explained through a guided tour giving an in-depth history that can only be found along the wall.

City Cruises York

Apart from walking the streets of York to get to exciting places of interest, one alternative that would sit well with water-loving people is the City Cruise along the River Ouse. Apart from being treated to relaxing drinks and being able to get around while giving your feet the rest it needs, the cruise gives you a different perspective of York. You get to see the buildings and bridges that shaped the city from an entirely unique vantage point.

National Railway Museum

One of the best museums in York is the National Railway Museum. It has a lot of locomotive collection as well as carriages that can give you a glimpse as far as 1820 to the present day. One of the things to see in the museum is an 1838 Victorian mail train and even an Edwardian Pullman carriages. Their impressive collection also includes the Royal trains and one that was personally used by Queen Victoria. You would also get to see how old-fashioned railways were laid out in the past.

York’s Chocolate Story

When you get to King’s Square, Chocolate Story is one of the activities that you definitely need to take. Apart from being able to try making a chocolate bar and even tasting some of the chocolates, there are a lot of things to look forward to this activity in York. It gives you a history on how a humble raw cocoa from the jungle became one of the city’s most lucrative export products.