More things to see in York

As you travel to England and visit York, there are a lot of hidden gems in and around the city that you might want to include in your itinerary. These are the places that help the city retain its character through the ages. They are a big part of why a lot of people keep coming back to York not only to reconnect with history but to have a peek at the future as well.

The Bar Convent

Located in North Yorkshire and officially called The Bar Convent Living Heritage Centre, the Bar Convent is one of the oldest surviving convent that dates back as far as 1686. What started off as a school for girls is now a home to various tourist destination places. For one, it offers an exhibit that helps people understand the rich history of the place as well as the exceptional people that have helped shape the convent for the past three hundred years. It also houses a Cafe that has garnered various awards, a gift shop, meeting rooms as well as a bed & breakfast where people can choose to stay in.

Barley Hall

What was once a home to a Lord Mayor of York as well as Priors of Nostell, this property in Coffee Yard will let you experience how medieval England was like. The place was restored to showcase high ceilings and arguably the last horn window in all of England. The improvements were made to help visitors get a feel of ancients times where they can sit down, touch the objects and interact with their surroundings.

Fairfax House

This is one of the best museums in York and can be found just in Castlegate. Before the property was bought and restored by York Civic Trust in the early 1980s, it boasted of a rich history that goes back all the way to 1740. From a local merchant putting it up and being passed on to different families being converted to a cinema and even a Gentleman’s Club, the place now helps visitors reconnect with the past through exhibits.

The Perky Peacock Shop

If you feel like spending time sipping coffee in a place that was built on a medieval stone tower, the Perky Peacock Shop in Lendal Bridge is the place you want to be. As you sit down enjoying your afternoon coffee, you can rest your weary thoughts as you soak in the view of the river.

Minster Library, Dean’s Park

One of the hidden gems in York is the Minster Library that holds an extensive list of printed collections on the history of York. With over 120,000 books it covers a wide array of topics that includes theology, local history, civil war tracts as well as early York printings.

The Star Inn The City, Museum Street

This is one of the best restaurants you can even find in York and has become quite well-known to locals and tourists alike. It is considered a contemporary restaurant boasting of a riverside terrace for people who love the water. It offers an all-day menu with dishes that are predominantly modern British.